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Posted by Rebel Beckett on Jul 16, 2018 11:37:24 AM


Unfortunately, you have read that right! Scammers have replicated the myGov website in an attempt to defraud unsuspecting citizens. The scam begins with a phishing email that appears to be sent by Medicare. The email requests you update your Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) details in order to receive Medicare payments for benefits and claims. The email provides a link to the identical website and feeds any and all details entered straight back to the criminals.

Take note, the URL includes ‘.net’ instead of the appropriate link ‘’, which indicates the website is not a legitimate Australian Government domain. The emails and web pages perceive to be legitimate as they feature the myGov and Medicare design and branding.

By clicking on the link and entering your details it gives the scammers access to your personal information, which is then used to steal your identity and money!


As email continues to be a popular method for criminals to defraud innocent citizens, follow the governments Stay Smart Online’s simple steps to stay safe:

  • Do not click on links in emails or text messages claiming to be from myGov or Medicare. myGov will never send you a text, email or attachment with hyperlinks or web addresses.
  • Do not open messages if you don’t know the sender, or if you’re not expecting them.
  • Be suspicious of messages that aren’t addressed directly to you, or don’t use your correct name.
  • Login to your official myGov account by typing the web address into your browser, to check your inbox for any legitimate emails from Medicare.
  • You can also contact the organisation separately to check if they have sent the message.



You can contact the following services for help:

OR use their free Cyber First Aid Kit

If you have been a victim of a cyber crime such as fraud, report it to the Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.


YOUtax on Safety & Privacy

YOUtax take privacy very seriously and do not request your personal details be sent through an unprotected source. YOUtax provide a safe domain called the YOUtax portal where you can feel confident your information will not be compromised. 

YOUtax will only ever send updates via text message and will never request personal information be sent via SMS, or any other unsecured domain.

Be sure that when providing your personal information you are using the appropriate YOUtax Portal or YOUtax Website.

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